Unlock your potential


At LDS and Associates, we work with both the corporate client and the coachee to understand desired outcomes and then operate in close partnership to support the coachee in creating an ideal vision of who they want to be as a leader bearing in mind the opportunities, resources and challenges that exist for them along the way. One-on-one coaching is provided for clients on a broad range of topics including:

o Leadership effectiveness;
o Navigating politics in the workplace;
o Influencing co-workers and “managing up”;
o Conflict management;
o Giving/Accepting feedback;
o Stress/Change management;
o Work-Life balance;
o Impression management;
o Assertiveness skills;
o Career planning/transition;
o Time management.

*Services are offered both in person or remotely by video conferencing by Liz or one of her associates in North America or Australia.