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Testimonials: Testimonials
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"Liz worked and partnered with us at Anchor Danly for over 15 years. While we began by Liz doing assessments for many dozens of our team members, her contribution grew to becoming “one of our Anchor Danly Team” providing input far beyond just the assessment process. Liz worked with me and my Executive leaders to customize our Screening and Selection Process to ensure we won in the competitive war for talent. All in all, Liz was responsive, knowledgeable and supportive for our organization and HR team throughout North America."

Roy Verstraete - Retired President & CEO - Anchor Danly

Business Woman

"I have torn down assumptions and beliefs I have been cemented in for years and thought irreversible through actively participating in Liz’s online virtual coaching sessions, something I had not expected or thought possible through this medium. It has been through my sessions with Liz I have been able to carve out new meaning and most importantly articulate my Leadership Vision. I am energised and excited about what lies ahead and my direction for my future!!"

Amy Cook - Coordinator (Fleet Asset) - Dept. of Transport and Main Roads - Queensland, Australia


“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Liz de Villers-Seeley for more than a decade. As both a user and participant in her assessment process I always found it interesting how Liz was able to read a person like a book. Her insights both helped me avoid adding the wrong person to our team, and also understand a new team members areas of strength and areas where development opportunities were required. I could then use Liz’s assessment report to develop a training planner to ensure the best chances of success for our new team member. Liz always arranges a time to talk with me before and after each assessment so we have a good understanding of each other’s concerns or areas to concentrate on, its more than just a report. Having been through the assessment process myself many years ago I still to this day reference Liz’s coaching on “active listening” both in my professional and personal life.“

Carl Powers - General Manager Fabrications - Anchor Danly

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"I worked with Liz for over 10 years and valued her contributions and insight regarding the recruiting process and new hire candidates. Her assessment process helped with selection and subsequent development of successful applicants, as well as current employees. Those being assessed were often amazed at how accurate her findings were and that helped to get to know them quickly. With an appreciation for the need to act quickly in the "war for talent", she demonstrated a sense of urgency regarding screening potential candidates, as well as provided timely feedback to HR and hiring managers often within moments of completing assessment interviews. Liz's professionalism and dedication to helping others be successful is second to none and I know you will be more than pleased with her services."

Elise Marentette - Principal Consultant - HR+ By Design

Morning Rush Hour

"I have worked with Liz as an associate consultant since 2006. She is friendly, upbeat and fun to work with. Her approach to her work is always professional and conscientious, thus consistently maintaining high quality standards. Excellent knowledge of assessment processes. Highly recommended for assessment and coaching at all levels."

Mitch McCrimmon - Executive assessment and coaching consultant

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